Board Minutes

Called to order by: Alex Chaffetz
Meeting began at: 5:33PM 10/14/2020

There were 8 members that contributed proxy information.

Those present were: Carl and Cathy Zimmer, Lauren and William Brown, Erica Ridgely, Deanne Hemann, Lizette Etcheverry, Don and Diana Brekke, Paul and Patricia Briarly, Robert and Shay Boe, Margaret (Peg) Wood, Tom Lee

The treasurers report is as follows:
  • Treasurer: Margaret (Peg) Wood
  • Date of Report: 10/14/2020
  • Date
  • Post Office Box
  • Trash Removal
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Insurance
  • Sec'y of State Registry
  • Total Balance: $42,911.89
  • Notes: Total does not include money that will be collected from HOA dues bill that was recently sent.
  • Budget was approved as shown.

Old Business:
See included treasurers report.

New Business:
Trash removal needs to be negotiated for the coming year. Cathy Zimmer offered to contact Sheila Dole from Grand Mesa Metro District to coordinate this service.
New officers for the association that were voted on and approved are the following people: Randy Roman [President], Deanne Hemann [Vice-President], Margaret (Peg) Wood [Sec'y/Treasurer]
Design Review Committee: Tom Lee [Chairman], Brian Potts, Gene Etcheverry, Peg Wood, Alex Chaffetz, Phil Hemann, Carl Zimmer

Meeting ended at: 6:10PM 10/14/2020

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