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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the protocol for getting plans approved by the Design Review Committee

Plans must be submitted to the Design Review Committee, and be approved for building to commence. The DRC has sixty (60) days to review the plans. Design Review Committee members are listed with contact information on this website

Who manages plowing roads in our area?

Mesa County plows the roads. If you want your driveway plowed, contact Tom Bieser at 970-216-3090 or at 970-268-5448.

How much are HOA dues and when is collected?

HOA dues are $150 per year and it's collected in March. Please make checks payable to Powder Ridge HOA. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 4574, Grand Junction, CO 81502

Does Powder Ridge observe the county noise ordinance?

Yes. The noise ordinance is in affect from 10pm to 6am everyday.

Who do I contact for water tap questions?

Grand Mesa Metro District manages water, sewer and trash. The contact name and number for water taps is: Sheila Dole at 970-260-9212.

Who do I contact about water service issues?

Kirk Morgan at 970-361-0513.

Who manages water, sewer & trash?

Grand Mesa Metro District